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Houston Residential Property Management

We’ve all learned in basic financial management classes that the ownership of assets is essential to building wealth and financial independence. Out of the many assets you can invest in, ownership of rental properties has always stood out for its potential to create steady cash flow as well as growth in value over time.

For rental properties to achieve their full financial potential, they need continuous maintenance and management. What started as a simple project to build great, passive income can inadvertently turn into an all-consuming commitment that requires your undivided attention.

Shannon Property Management is committed to partnering with residential rental property owners in Houston to maximize their financial gain while minimizing the stress and effort of managing properties.

Our Houston property management team seeks to provide the best services for residential rental property owners with single-family homes, multi-family homes, and room shares.

We can manage your properties from start to finish by taking care of marketing, screening, collecting, and maintaining all aspects of the property on your behalf.


Houston Residential Rental Property Marketing

At Shannon Property Management, we follow a meticulous process to ensure that properties are listed at the proper market value, and stay occupied.

We will analyze the market, utilize professional photography, post properties on top listings, and take care of all the showings with the help of professional leasing agents.


Our Houston Residential Rental Property Screening Process

As prospective renters show interest, they will undergo a thorough, eight-part screening process that will make sure that properties will be matched with great tenants.

Shannon Property management will facilitate criminal background checks, review credit scores, collect references from previous landlords, check for eviction history, verify income and employment, check for smoking or pet ownership, and even provide periodic check-ins to ensure quality care for the properties.


Our Collections Process for Houston Residential Properties

When you partner with our team, you no longer have to worry about the work of collecting payments as well as keeping up with accounting and tax documents. Our Houston residential property management team will make it convenient and easy for tenants to pay through our online platform. In addition to that, our accounting team will organize all the records and provide monthly and annual owner statements (Cash Flow Statements and 1099s) for you.

Maintaining Houston Residential Rental Properties

Lastly, your property will be in the hands of capable construction and maintenance experts. Each property will be managed with personal care and excellence.

At Shannon Property Management, we provide 24/7 service with on-call maintenance professionals. Tenants will be provided with Maintenance Training Programs in their onboarding process. They will also participate in the Tenant Property Care Incentive Program that seeks to empower tenants with a sense of ownership by providing them the chance to win a free month of rent! All of this is handled by our team.

Our team ensures that your property has the best representation and care so that you can rest easy knowing that your Houston residential property is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can manage your rental property!