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Property Managers In Houston, TX

Shannon Property Management is a team of the best property managers in Houston, TX. They provide full-service property management services for rental property owners in and around Houston. By alleviating the pressures around rental property management, they allow property owners to enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property without the overwhelming responsibility.

As native Houstonians, the founders of Shannon Property Management understand the unique needs of both property owners and tenants in Houston. This unique approach allows them to provide a rental experience that benefits each individual involved.

You can learn more about the services offered by this team of property managers in Houston, TX below.

Houston Property Management
  • Full-Service Property Management, Houston, TX

  • Residential Property Management, Houston, TX

  • Portfolio Property Management, Houston, TX

  • Multi-Family Property Management, Houston, TX

  • Rental Property Maintenance, Houston, TX

Phone Number

(713) 369-4362


217 Marshall St, Suite A

Houston, TX 77006

Hours of Operation

Shannon Property Management provides property management services 24/7.

However, their office hours may vary. Contact their team for further information regarding current office hours.

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