Houston Rental Property Maintenance Service


When it comes to caring for your property, you will want to be in the hands of construction and maintenance experts. We treat each property we manage as if it were one of our own, and ensure that both the property owner and tenants have a high quality property at all times. Our maintenance guarantees include:


  • 24/7/365 Service
  • Our professional maintenance team is on call to handle requests as they are required.


  • Tenant Maintenance Training Program
  • As part of our tenant on-boarding process, we have a robust program to


  • Tenant Property Care Incentive Program
  • Our philosophy is to build a relationship with our tenants so that they feel a sense of responsibility and ownership of the property they are living in. This unique program incentivises tenants to take pride and feel responsible for the properties in which they live. They also have a chance to win a free months rent on us!


  • 100% Tenant Interface
  • From responding to maintenance requests to handling any issue that may arise, we are pros at handling potentially stressful situations so that you don't have to, ever!