The Benefits of a Properly Done Make-Ready

At Shannon Property Management, we believe that the Make Ready can make or break your investment. Our philosophy is to do it right upfront, put out a high quality product, and reap the benefit of that upfront effort for years to come.

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The Benefits of a Properly Done Make-Ready

As a property owner, your goal is to maximize your rental income while minimizing vacancies and maintenance issues. One critical aspect of achieving this is ensuring that your property is market-ready as quickly as possible, and in the best possible condition. At SPM, we understand the importance of make-ready services, and we want to highlight why partnering with us is the best financial decision you can make.

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Speed to Market

Time is money, especially in the rental market. Consider a $4,000/month rental home. If our team at SPM can complete the make-ready process just one week faster than if you were to handle it yourself or through another handyman service, that translates to an additional $1,000 in rental income. Our experienced team is dedicated to efficiency and quality, ensuring your property is listed sooner and starts generating revenue more quickly.


Quality Workmanship: Enhancing Rentability

Quality workmanship can significantly impact your rental income. A property that is well-prepared and maintained can command higher rents. Imagine our expert team completing the make-ready process to such a high standard that you can increase the monthly rent by just $100. Over a year, that’s an additional $1,200 in your pocket.

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Faster Leasing: Reduced Vacancy Costs

In addition to getting your property on the market faster, our high-quality make-ready services can also result in quicker leasing times. Let’s say our superior make-ready process means your property leases in three weeks instead of four. That’s another $1,000 saved in vacancy costs. Reducing the time your property sits vacant is crucial in maintaining a steady stream of rental income.

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Attracting Higher Quality Tenants

A well-prepared property not only attracts more tenants but also attracts tenants who are willing and able to pay more. By investing in professional make-ready services with SPM, you position your property as a premium option in the market. This can lead to more reliable tenants, potentially reducing turnover and future vacancy rates. High-quality tenants are often less likely to cause damage and more likely to take care of the property, resulting in lower maintenance costs over time.


Long-Term Financial Health

Investing in professional make-ready services is an investment in the long-term financial health of your rental property. Properties that are well-maintained and presented attract better tenants, achieve higher rents, and experience fewer vacancies. This leads to a more stable and predictable income stream, which is essential for any property owner looking to maximize their return on investment.

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