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Houston Single Family Home

Houston Top Property Management Company

Houston Single Family Home

Houston Top Property Management Company

Shannon Property Management is a full-service company that offers professional, customized services to property owners and residents in the Houston area. We've committed not only to our clients' success but also to their happiness by simplifying rental environment ownership while maximizing financial gain from each unit we manage for them!

We are here to make your life easier! We know all too well what it's like when you have a property that needs some attention, so come see us today. You'll be glad you did because we take care of everything from repairs and maintenance right down to cleaning up after tenants for them not to leave any stains behind - even if they don't follow proper settling procedures while living there themselves.

Founded by 5th Generation Native Houstonians, our commitment is to maximize the value of your asset, reduce your stress, and manage each property as if it were one of our own. Our benefits of full-service property management are the following:

  • Automated Owner Statements
  • No Hassle Property Management
  • Online Portal Access
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling for prompt responses to tenant requests
  • Low Vacancy Rate
  • 100% Eviction Guard Program

With Shannon Property Management, you can finally get back to enjoying your vacation or weekend without worrying about emergency maintenance requests. Our team of experts handles all property-related needs for our clients and their rental properties while caring deeply to make sure it's cared for properly as if they were one of ours! Additionally, we incentivize each tenant with rewards when they maintain the standard levels set by us which helps reduce costs significantly as well because this encourages proper upkeep rather than just having someone come out once every six months solely based on chance alone.

Property Management Services

  • Property Management
  • Houston Residential Property Management
  • Single Family Home Property Management
  • Multi-Family Home Property Management

Property Management Specialists

We know that the process of owning a rental property is not an easy one, but our team makes it their sole focus to reduce your burden while providing high-quality living space for tenants. Give us a call today!

With our wide range of services, we seek to offer customized property management that benefits both owners and renters alike. We believe in offering professional service with a personal touch; this way everyone walks away from their relationship believing they were taken care of by someone who understands what's important for them as a person or business owner! We believe that your home is a precious and important part of who you are. That's why we take care to treat each one as if it were our own, maximizing its value while reducing stress for homeowners throughout the Greater Houston area.

Our team at Shannon Property Management is eager to partner with you! We're fifth-generation Houstonians who have a strong foundation in real estate and construction as well as a background in business. What this means for our customers: we know how important your property management needs are, so whichever one of us calls ourselves friends will take care not just of their investment but also reduce the stress that comes from managing rental properties on behalf of other people's investments too. Whatever situation fits best - large or small apartments; or single-family homes--we've got experience and great service ready immediately.